It's All About Family

Rosario Bruno's family is the glue that binds him together and keeps him moving forward building his dream vineyard and winery. Without family, none of what he's accomplished would have been possible. They are the cornerstone of what he's building and a major motivation for the legacy he is creating.

It all begins with his wife, Sandra. They've been married over 40 years. He couldn't have started his vineyard and winery without her. Due to their long commitment to each other, he felt he needed to get her permission and support to follow his dreams. She, in turn, is an active part of making his dreams come true. She has even contributed to the name and concept behind "Fergedaboudit" and helped write the original story for the back of the bottle labels. Early on, she encouraged Rosario to "keep it fun".

Sandra and Rosario have two grown daughters also working to establish his vineyard, Vicki and Veronica. Vicki has proven herself to be business smart and works with him on marketing and structuring his business. And, Veronica displays a truly unique palate and acts as his tasting pro and consultant when making the wine. She is also a designer contributing to the look and feel of the new tasting room and is working on new and unique wine products showcasing Fergedaboudit wines. Both girls add their own talents to the vineyard in addition to helping with the harvesting and tending of the vines. Veronica and Sandra's cooking talents provide the nourishment to keep the worker's going.

His son-in-law, Jim, Veronica's husband, is his right-hand man. Without Jim, none of this would have been possible. Jim helps him build, engineer, and keep the vineyard moving forward. He also handles all the odd jobs that constantly popup. They've built everything that is "Fergedaboudit" together.

Everyone in the family contributes to the vineyard from his children down to his grandchildren and they help him grow the grapes and make the wine. His grandchildren, Chandler and Reanna, have been picking (mostly eating) the grapes since they were two. Even his friends pitch in their efforts for his dreams.

For Rosario, the vineyard brings the family closer. They all gather at the vineyard and work to make it come to life. It is a labor of love that keeps growing. It is an opportunity for him to share of himself and his Italian heritage and culture with the family.

Rosario has learned from life and his experiences that family is the center of life. He loves his family and they love him back. As children grow up, they move on to start their own families and make their own way in the world. Rosario feels that as long as you give your children love, they will always come back and that's what the vineyard is doing for him. He had a dream and his family has come together with him and to help make his dream come true.